PhaZe 2: Gear Cleaning System

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      The PhaZe 2: H2Odor Sponge is one of the most effective, easy-to-use moisture and odor removal systems on the market. Place the H2Odor Sponge in your boots, clothing bag or weapon case, and let them do the work. In just a few hours the odor eliminating technology absorbs and retains moisture and odor from your boots, clothing, or gear. The H2Odor Sponge is sold as a 2-piece odor elimination system. 

      The PhaZe 2: Gear Cleaner with Z-technology has finally arrived! Are you ready to take your scent control to the next level this season? The PhaZe Gear Cleaner with proprietary Z-technology encapsulates odor molecules, removing the human and foreign odor elements from your gear prior to entering the field. The PhaZe 2 Gear cleaner uses are unlimited.

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