Reed Kit + O-ring Tuning Kit


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  • Product Description

    • Extinguisher Deer Call Replacement Reed
    • Extinguisher Deer Call Replacement O-Ring
    • Watch Instructional Video for Tuning and Maintenance Repairs
    *maximum order quantity is 2 tuning kits
  • Reviews

    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 148 reviews
      Robert Simm
      O-ring & reed for grunt call

      I love the grunt call! Best I've owned, have had it for 3 yrs now just wanted to replace the O-ring as sorta maintenance, because it came off I put the original back on and it still worked, I had had dabree in it from hunting on the ground and laying it on the ground, works good as new now!fast shipping took a few days

      Scott Lowrance
      Reed and oring

      Made my call good as new! Glad I found because I loved the call until the oring broke. Great price and quick shipping!

      stephen brassard

      Tuning kit doesn’t sound the same and the new call has a different sound

      James Pyle
      As it should be

      As it should be

      mike morrone
      reed and o ring

      all good thanks!

  • Product Details

american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed