PhaZe 3: Field Foam


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      PhaZe 3 Field Treatment is your last line of defense. Field Foam outperforms field sprays in 3 ways:

      • Entraps NEW Body Odors: Eliminating the new sweat and bacteria acquired during travel in and while setting up.
      • Prevents Loss of Skin Cells: Keeping dander in-check and preventing skin cells from adding to your human scent stream.
      • Non-Drifting Application: Field Foam does not atomize like a field spray application. Field sprays in the stand will actually contaminate your spot by releasing millions of airborne particles that stick to trees, leaves and on the ground in your hunting area.

      PhaZe Out your body odor in 3 simple steps and experience the next level of scent control this hunting season! For optimum results, use PhaZe 3 Field Foam in conjunction with the entire PhaZe system.

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