Custom Slate Pot Call (SOLD OUT)

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  • Custom Call
  • Competition Quality
  • Total-Tone™ technology
  • Free DVD
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Sold Out

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Custom Illusion Slate pot turkey call.

This custom turkey pot call will blow you away! Developed by a US Friction Open Champion caller, it has the power, range, and snap that the obsessed callin’ man wants to hear. But don’t let its competition quality fool you, the Illusion pot call was designed to produce extremely subtle purrs and clucks so you can put the finishing touch on those mature gobblers! All Illusion turkey calls are designed, tested and approved by custom call masters. This is truly a World Class Call made by a World Class Champion! There is a limited number of Illusion turkey pot calls made each season, don’t miss your chance to own this finely tuned call.

*Includes Illusion’s “Don’t just call, communicate” instructional DVD!