4 SEASONS - (Perennial + Annual) Food Plot System & DHM Leather Patch (REALTREE ORIGINAL)


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  • Product Description

    The 4 Seasons food plot system is an ALL-IN-ONE (Seed + Fertilizer) perennial + annual system designed to help maximize the volume and attraction of your food plot. A year-round source of food for deer and other wildlife, our 4 Seasons blend combines perennials and annuals to keep the local herd fed with highly palatable nutrients throughout each season. This custom blend is comprised of three select brassica varieties that are highly attractive to deer during the late fall and winter months along with four perennial varieties that will attract and sustain deer and wildlife during the spring, summer and early fall months. 

    Product Highlights and Top Features:

    • All-In-One Seed & Fertilizer System
    • Pre-measured, ¼ Acre Coverage Applications 
    • Custom Annual + Perennial Seed Blend: 3 Brassicas, 3 Clovers + Chicory
    • Year-Round; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Performance
    • 25% More Seed Per Acre (Calculated at Broadcast Rate, Not Drill Rate)
    • Directly Feed Plants w/ Liquid Foliar Fertilizers
    • Easy Application (Designed for Common Spreaders & Sprayers)
    • Engineered to Maximize Tonnage & Attraction 
    • Included: (Soil Starter, 4 Seasons Seed Blend, Root Booster, Foliage Fuel+)

      DHM Leather Patch Realtree Original Apparel:

      • Genuine leather patch with Realtree Original pattern
      • Stylish yet rugged design
      • Perfect for outdoor activities
      • Shield from elements with authenticity

      Upgrade your hunting game and style with this powerful bundle from Illusion Systems.

    • Product Details

    american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed