PhaZe For Her 1: Conditioner


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  • Product Description

    Welcome to the Next Level of Scent Control! PhaZe For Her is a revolutionary new scent control system designed specifically for women by women.

    Are you tired of dry, damaged and frizzy hair as a result of using all-in-one "Scent-Free" products? PhaZe For Her is your solution!

    PFH Conditioner is a salon quality formula designed to moisturize and nourish your hair, keeping it healthy and looking great. PFH Conditioner is unscented and utilizes a proprietary technology to permanently encapsulate odor molecules on contact, rendering them undetectable to any nose. 

    For optimum results, use PhaZe For Her Conditioner in conjunction with other PhaZe For Her products. 

    30-day satisfaction guarantee: Try PhaZe For Her this season and if you're not completely satisfied, simply send the unused portion back for a product refund!

  • Reviews

    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Aarika Smiley
      PhaZe for Her

      Let me just say I have tried many products and nothing ever works for me as a woman, leaving my skin and hair so dry, waxy, blah-even itchy. I bought the PhaZe HER items conditioner, deodorant, & bodywash. I bought my hubby the 5pack combo. I use his shampoo/conditioner and my conditioner for hunting. PhaZe for her products rock. Cant wait until the PhaZe Her shampoo is back in stock. The conditioner is absolutely amazing my hair is so soft and silky FINALLY A PRODUCT I LOOK FORWARD to using during deer season. I had deer just 15-20yrds from me today. Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

      Rachel Lobato
      Did well for scent, very thin consistency.

      I did not like the consistency of the conditioner, it seemed very watered down and did not condition my hair very well. I have naturally curly, long hair. I was able to brush it out, but it was lacking on softness.
      It did the job for scent control, but I prefer a thicker more moisturizing conditioner for my very dry climate.

      Works great

      Was a little off putting that it states as “for women” but regardless I decided to leave my hair long for the upcoming hunting season and it’s hard to keep a nice mullet when you’re using the 2 in 1 traditional hunting soaps. So I figured I’d give this a shot and it kept the flow flowing. Highly recommended to all the men hunters with a mullet or long hair to keep soft while drinking Busch lights and having a fine woman’s hand stroke your mane.

      Happy Hair

      I have very thick naturally curly hair down to my waist. When I used the other products out there they dried my hair so bad it was a tangled mess and was breaking off. I saw this advertised on a hunting channel we were watching and decided to give it a try. LOVE IT!!!! I can actually comb my hair without breaking it or pulling it out. I bought the bundle pack, love all the products. Highly recommend this. Thank you very much and my head and hair thanks you too.

  • Product Details

american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed