Extinguisher Deer Call (Black)


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  • Product Description

    What makes the Extinguisher Deer Call the #1 rated deer communication system on the market?
    • The Extinguisher's patented ModiSlide™ allows you to sound like a Buck, a Doe or a Fawn in an instant.
    • 99.6% Approval Rating -  NAHC Field Test, highest ever by a deer call!
    • FreezeFree™ Design - The Extinguisher's modiSlide™ also serves to free the call from a "freeze-up."
    • Throat-Tube™ - This dual layered technology produces extremely realistic sounds allows for directional calling.
    • Free Instructional Videos - Watch our detailed instructional series and learn how to effectively communicate with deer. Simply download the FREE 'Deer Society' mobile app for access to hours of educational video content! 
    • Made in America - Every Extinguisher deer call is acoustically tested before it passes final inspection.

    Hundreds of thousands of serious deer hunters rely on the Extinguisher deer call for a reason... It just plain works! 

    * For a free replacement reed and o-ring kit, please follow this LINK.

  • Reviews

    • Customer Reviews

      Based on 176 reviews
      Old ones were better

      The newer extinguishers are not no where near as good as the ones when they first came out around 2011. The tones are different and now the the orings and reed won’t stay together

      Brad Henico
      Less than great

      I'm not sure what all the great reviews are all about. When temps drop below 35 degrees the call freezes up and is useless. The past 2 years I have had to carry another brand, which is more reliable, in my pack to make calls when this happens.

      Ronnie Grumbles
      The Best

      The Extinguisher is the best deer call I have ever used. I am amazed at the results. But I did study the training videos. Could not be happier.

      Brian Poe
      No reaction

      2 seperate times had buck 60-70 yds tried every call nothing would get em in next day had a small 6 60 yds used primos came right in

      Scott Blume
      The Extinguisher

      This is the best call I have ever used. It is the most realistic call I have ever used. It works fantastic when used with the Black Rack.

  • Product Details

american made rated 1 deer call satisfaction guaranteed